Frequently Asked Questions


What is my child’s/children’s passcode?

Please complete your details in this link and your passcode will be emailed to you by our admin team: CUSTOMER ENQUIRY.


If your child's name is spelt with an accent or macron, please be aware that your password to access the gallery will exclude these characters. (The class and/or group photos will have the correct spelling including the accent or macron).

If the school have sent you your code with a space between the name and number the space will need to be removed.

My passcode doesn't work?

Please check the following:

  • Double-check that you have entered the passcode correctly, paying attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Ensure that there are no extra spaces before or after the passcode when entering it.
  • Certain characters, such as apostrophes ('), accents, macrons or hyphens, are not included in your password. 
  • In most cases, your passcode includes your first or last preferred name at the end.  If your name has changed since your official enrolment or if you have multiple preferred name options, please try both/all variations.

For example, first name Daniel, try variations such as Danny or Dan.

If you have tried all of these options and the passcode is still not working, please complete the CUSTOMER ENQUIRY form and our team will send you the passcode for your child/children's photographs.


Why can't I change/cancel my order?

Once an order is paid for, it is promptly placed in a print queue, often within less than an hour.  Intercepting an order at this stage is time-consuming and labour intensive.  However, this automated workflow and efficiency help us keep our package costs reasonable.

There is a clear warning in our gallery description about confirming that your shopping cart contents are correct both for image and quantities.  Please contact us before checking out, if you have any questions regarding the items in your cart.

Due to the nature of our products, personalised prints, we are unable to offer refunds or returns as they cannot be resold to another customer.

We appreciate your understanding and support for our local business.

I missed ordering my photos for 2023/2022, can I still order these?

Yes, you can still order your 2023/2022 photographs.

To place your order, follow these steps:

  1. Click on  the link: findmyphotos | INphotography
  2. Enter your email address, your USER ID and password.
  3. Preview and purchase the prints/packages you would like.

Your USER ID and PASSCODE would have been sent to you via your school.  If you do not have these emails, please use the customer enquiry form.

Can I order photos from previous years (pre-2022)?

Yes, you can still order photographs from 2021 and prior by completing our online order form - Archive Order Form.

However, due to excessive storage requirements these will no longer be available to preview online. You may like to refer to your school yearbook for any published images you may wish to order copies of. 

Can I add another student's prints/packages?

Yes, you can add another student's prints/packages to the same shipping cart to save on shipping.

Option A - 'Login to Another User'

  1. Add the first set of prints/packages to the cart. 
  2. Click 'continue shopping' at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Look for the 'Login to another user' button at the top of the page. 
  4. Enter the User ID and password for the other student.

Option B - 'Add another student to cart'

  1. Add the first set of prints/packages to the cart.
  2. Click 'check out' at the bottom of the page (bottom of the order summary page).
  3. Look for the 'Add another student to cart' button at the bottom of the page.
  4. This will take you back to the login page.  Fill in the other students details to access their gallery.


    • Make sure you have the other students login details handy.
    • Double check that you're logging in with the correct DETAILS and correct YEAR for each student.
I missed having my indiviudal portrait opportunity, can I come to you and get it done?

Sorry, we don't have a studio that you could visit to have a portrait taken.  Due to only having a home office this is not a service we currently offer.

Packages / Print Sizes

What types of packages do you offer?

1. Portrait Print Packages:These include a web resolution digital download and portrait prints only. The portrait prints are available in various sizes. There are two types of Portrait Packages:

Standard (STD): Includes the standard set of prints - x1 8x6, x2 6x4, x4 wallets (referred to as Multisheet P in cart) plus free portrait web resolution download.  The '4 wallets' included in multisheet P are 2x3 inch or 5.08x7.62 cm.

Elite: Provides additional prints, including an enlargement (12x8) and x4 6x4, comparted to the Standard pack.  You can easily see these differences when viewing your child's/children's photographs.

2.  CLASS/GROUPS & STD Portrait Packs: These packs include a web resolution digital download, portrait prints and a class/group print.  You have a choice between a laminated class/group print or an un-laminated class/group print. 

Please note:  Class/Group prints are 10x8.  The other print sizes included in the packages are: 8x6, 6x4 and a 4 wallets (referred to as a Multisheet P).

For a laminated class/group photograph only, you will need to select the al a carte (print only) option and choose 'Laminated" in the 'Paper Type' drop down menu.  If you also want portrait prints of your child/ren, you will need to add an Elite or Standard Portrait print pack to your cart.

What size prints do you offer?

The print sizes are clearly described when you are viewing your child's portrait and purchase options and are listed above.

The print sizes are all cut to size except for the wallets.


Can I share my electronic downloads?

Your child’s/children’s individual portrait – YES! – these can be shared with friends and family via email and/or social media and are a great way to share images with family overseas.

Your child’s/ren’s group photographs – these are for your personal electronic record keeping – you may only share them subject to the privacy conditions that you accepted at time of download.


Why doesn’t my child/ren have an individual portrait picture under their passcode?

It is most likely that your child/ren missed the photo opportunities and were absent on photo day/s. If you are sure this is not the case, please complete the CUSTOMER ENQUIRY form and we can investigate this for you.

Why is my child/ren missing from their Class/Group photograph?

For Traditional Groups - If your child missed the photo opportunity at school, their name should be listed under Absent.  However, if they enrolled after the photographs were taken and supplied to the school, their name will not appear under Absent.

For Composite Classes - If your child missed the portrait photo opportunity at school, their name should be listed under Unfeatured.  However, if they enrolled after the photographs were taken, their name will not appear under Unfeatured.

Our contract with schools includes one additional setup and photography session for absentees. Offering further sessions would result in additional costs for the school, and only some schools choose to provide this option.  Once the composite class photographs are supplied, they are not updated with new additions.

However, there may be opportunities for absent students or new students to have a portrait picture taken during Cultural and/or Sports photography sessions when we are back in the school. Schools will inform you when these opportunities are available.

Please note that once the photographs are supplied online and to the school for internal records/yearbook purposes they are not updated with new enrolments or any new additions that may be taken on these later dates.

Where do I find a sibling photo of my children?

These photographs will appear under one or other sibling only - most often the eldest child’s passcode/password.

My order summary shows a sibling portrait in the package I’ve selected, how do I change that?

When you are reviewing your order summary in the cart, you may notice that the sibling portrait appears as an alternative image for the 6x4 options. You can leave this as it is or if you would like the package to only include the portraits of your selected child, please use the ‘change image’ button and select the image that shows in the pop up screen.

You can order a sibling portrait print package by selecting the sibling image when buying prints.

Why are my class photographs a series of individual portraits?

Composite class photos were introduced as a COVID-inspired solution in 2020 when lockdown prevented us from taking class photos in schools.  This option, created by combining individual portrait prints of each person, allowed schools to offer a class photography alternative.

Currently, many schools prefer the composite class photograph option due to its benefits.  It minimizes disruption throughout the entire school and reduces absenteeism during class photos.  We also provide catch up sessions for individuals to ensure that most students are included in class photos.

Once the photographs have been supplied online and to the school for internal records/yearbook purposes they are not updated with new enrolments or any new additions.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order is printed by Queensberry, our professional Lab, and typically it takes 2-5 working days to process, depending on the print size.  Once printed, you will receive an email confirming the shipment of your order.  Delivery of your package is expected within 1-2 days after receiving the shipping email confirmation.

If your do not receive your order within the 1-2 days after receiving the shipping email confirmation, please notify us immediately.  Claims must be received within 7 working days.

Why can't I collect my order from your studio?

All our photograhic prints are printed by our professional lab, Queensberry, based in Auckland.  To ensure efficiency and speed, it is more practical for the lab to ship the prints directly to you on our behalf, once your order is received and processed.

Why can't my order be sent to my school?

In most cases, your school has chosen to eliminate the administrative burden of distributing orders to students.  Instead, we arrange for direct delivery to individuals who purchase prints.  In a few instances, we do offer bulk delivery options to schools for dispatch.  Families associated with these schools are notified before the ordering process begins.

Pre-Register Galleries

Why should I sign up to a pre-register gallery?

Pre-register galleries are set up at the start of each school year. You are required to sign up to a pre-register gallery each year to ensure our mail is only being received by interested, relevant and authorized parties.

The pre-register gallery is used to remind you of upcoming photo days for your school, notify you when your photographs are ready for viewing and purchasing, and on occasion we may send a promotional offer or news.

Image Selection / Photoshop Options

How are images selected?

Multiple photographs are taken on site of students until the photographer is confident that they have achieved the best possible result in the time frame allowed for.  A professional judgement is made in the selecting process and the best option is always provided.

Due to the volume of photographs that we take we cannot practically open the selection process to indviduals.  Occassionally a consultation will occur on site if the photographer's judgement is undecided.  (This most often occurs in cases where it is a decision between not showing or showing teeth/braces).

Is there a photoshop option?

Yes, this is a PAID ADD-ON SERVICE for those wishing to purchase photographs.  We DO NOT photoshop students by default.

Photoshopped files will replace the file in the ordering site for you to make your purchases.  You will be notified when this is ready.  If you have already placed an order and made payment for an original file it will not include these photoshopped requests.  You will need to place a new order.

What are the photoshop options?

Shine Removal - Please note that we offer an optional shine removal station on site for students.  We understand that many teenagers have oily skin or may be sweaty from the summer heat.  Please also note that some make up also returns a reflective sheen.  This service can be ordered here: Photoshop Request

Removal of Marks/Stains on Uniform - You can place your order here: Photoshop Request

Other - Other photoshop requests can be made using this form:  Photoshop Request

For any additional queries not covered above, please complete the following form:  Customer Enquiry.