St Oran's College Gallery - Pre-Registration

Thank you for pre-registering for the SOC 2023 gallery. For privacy purposes, if you have registered with us previously your details will not be transferred.
Your email address will be used for SOC 2023 photo day reminders, photograph gallery releases, and promotion notifications only. 

PORTRAIT Photograph Day - 9 Feb  (A cropped version of each student is used to supply the school with identification files.  The portrait version will be made available online alongside the class groups as soon as the groups have been proofed by the College.)
PORTRAIT Photograph Catch up Day - 21st March  (Portraits are used to complie composite Whanau, Class & Year Group records as per 2020-2022.)
SPORTS/CULTURAL Photograph Day - 23rd August  (These groups will be made available online in a sub gallery under your unique log on that you will receive for your Class and Portrait photographs.) 

We also post photo day reminders on our Facebook Page and new Instagram page.

Pre registration requires you to consent to be contacted.